About us

Quality, freshness, variety and uniqueness


Since 1978 NOVO-FOOD operates in the refinement and distribution of cheese and cream cheese products. We constantly bring new and creative cheese products to the market.

Our own products are marketed under the label "Bayern Maid". The logo shows a woman wearing a traditional Bavarian-styled dress-  a symbol of the extraordinary quality of our products.


MONTERO is another label of the NOVO-FOOD company. Under this name several types of cheese, such as the MONTERO Soft cheese, the MONTERO Alpine cheese and the MONTERO Selection are distributed all over Europe.

The cheese production is automated as well as handmade- according to the product requirements. Because of the high accuracy and flexibility in handling its cheese products NOVO-FOOD is able to offer a wide variety of equalised shapes, sizes and weights.


Special requests by our customers can be fulfilled on short notice and in a fast and flexible way with a high standard of quality.


NOVO-FOOD puts great effort to severly observe the directives of the HACCP concept.

The internal quality management department as well as the cooperation with external control and testing laboratories (e.g. Dr. Scheller GmbH) guarantee the implementation of these directives. Thereby the fulfilment of hygienic requirements and the fulfilment of quality standards are guaranteed.