NOVO-FOOD offers a large selection of different sorts of cheese and cheese products.

Our products can be purchased in a variety of shapes, sizes and weights- just as you need them.



Saving money with NOVO-FOOD!

Calculate the right way - your advantages

  1. Exact calculation of your products through the purchase of egalised cheese products
  2. No loss and waste of the raw materials
  3. Reduce of personnel costs by fast and easy preperation
  4. No more laborious cleaning operations of your prodution
  5. Small package sizes allows a central and/or decentral preperation
  6. Very high standard of quality of products
Calculation sample
Work force _____ € substantial savings
Working hours
_____ € significantly reduced

Machine costs

_____ € none
Energy costs
_____ € none
Cleaning time
_____ € none
Waste _____ € none
Raw materials:    
     - bun _____ €  
     - lettuce leaf
_____ €  
     - miscellaneous 1 e.g. tomato    
     - miscellaneous 2 e.g. herbs    
     - cheese  ____ x ____ g    
Price range
Consumer price