Variaties of cream cheese

Save for deep freezing and baking


                 - heated snacks

                 - baking / filling

                 - deep-frozen snacks


Cream Cheese Pumpkin

Art. No. 1532

1.0 KG Tray



Made with roasted pumpkin seeds and Hokkaido pumpkin cubes.  A cream cheese preparation with a slightly spicy, nutty note.

Cream Cheese Truffle-Walnut

Art. No. 1533

1.0 KG Tray




The premium class among cream cheese preparations. Made with real summer truffles, refined with walnuts. A true delight for every truffle enthusiast, not just as a bread spread, but also for enhancing and rounding off game and roasted dishes.

Cream Cheese Sweet Thai Chili

Art. No. 1534

1.0 KG Tray



Asia meets Europe. A slightly spicy cream cheese preparation refined with yogurt, rounded off with cherry peppers and bell pepper pieces. A rounded taste experience as a bread spread or with pan-seared or grilled beef, pork, or poultry.

Cream Cheese Mustard Honey Fig

Art. No. 1549

1.0 KG Tray




A finely aromatic cream cheese preparation that tastes very good not only as a bread topping but also with pan-seared or grilled beef, pork, or poultry.

Cream Cheese Tomato Basil

Art. No. 1551

1.0 KG Tray





A cream cheese preparation made with the best ingredients, fresh marinated dried tomatoes, and basil. A savory bread spread, well combined with our fresh Soft Mozzarella Slices (Art. No. 3449)