At production of foods severe restrictions, which are set by the European and German food law, have to be observed. Not without reason. By following these rules quality and safety can be steadily ensured.

Novo-Food sets standards which even exceed the statutory requirements. For example, our quality management department established the system DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 in our company. Thereby, all essential tasks – from development right up to working with the finished product – are constantly checked, valued and improved.

At regular intervals our company is controlled and certified by TÜV SÜD.

Novo-Food is proud of accomplishing these quality standards and ensuring their customers high-quality products.

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The Islamic lifestyle prohibits consumption of specific foods. As many people know: eating pork and alcohol consumption is prohibited. Not everyone knows: Even cheese is separated into „halal“ (permitted) and „haram“ (prohibited).

Novo-Food is very familiar with this issue. Our company is authorised by the „Halal“-Certificate, issued by „Malaysia Halal Consultation & Training Agency“ (MHCT), to produce and merchandise products which are produced following the rules of Islamic faith

For more information about our Halal-products please refer to sector„Products“.