For Novo Food Lebensmittel GmbH, a family business, sustainable action is deeply rooted in the company culture.


At Novo Food, sustainability is at the heart of our actions. As a third-generation family-owned business, it is our ambition not only to be economically successful but also to handle resources responsibly. This philosophy influences every decision and step we take to minimize our ecological footprint.


We have implemented comprehensive measures to contribute to environmental protection. This includes the use of renewable energies, ensuring a clean and sustainable energy supply for our production. In recent years, we have optimized our energy recovery through the latest heat pumps, which, in conjunction with our own solar power system, allows us to further reduce our emissions.

Our fleet is continuously modernized to reduce pollutant emissions. By introducing paperless delivery systems and promoting digital solutions in the administrative area, we contribute to reducing paper consumption.


In the warehouse area, we rely on electric vehicles and an optimized picking system to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency. Moreover, it is our concern to take on social responsibility. We actively support social projects by providing high-quality food for people in need, which underscores our commitment to a better society.


At Novo Food, we actively work towards the protection of bees and insects by consciously utilizing our green spaces. We have decided to minimize the mowing of these areas and preserve them as refuges for these essential pollinators. By delaying or completely skipping mowing, we allow wildflowers and natural vegetation to thrive. This creates an ideal environment for bees and insects to find food and nest, supporting their populations and promoting biodiversity. Our approach is simple but effective: mow less, allow more life. Every square meter counts in the fight to preserve our valuable ecosystems.


However, our sustainable mindset does not mean that we forego success or growth. Rather, we see sustainability as an investment in the future - one that benefits not only our company but also the environment and society as a whole.